BostInno: Presenting Boston TechJam 2017: It’s Literally a ‘Block Party for Innovation’

Start the presses, media machines, or whatever functioning information distribution system you choose. BTJ is making new in BostInno. Check out their interview with co-founder Christine Nolan here!

Boston TechJam 2017 To Showcase Regional Technology And Innovation At Annual Block Party

On June 15, 2017, City Hall Plaza will again host the fifth annual Boston TechJam, a celebration of the technology ecosystem and culture of New England- and Boston-area entrepreneurs, startups, established tech companies, venture capitalists, non-profit organizations and higher learning institutions. The event is part block party, part tech showcase that connects the community, experiential […]

A carnival for techies

Original Article Startups to turn up this week for Boston TechJam in City Hall Plaza. The fourth annual Boston TechJam occupies City Hall Plaza this Thursday afternoon. The event is part expo and part festival, with dozens of tech companies setting up booths alongside food trucks, street games and a live concert. Consider it a […]